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GTP Careers in Tourism is an online job-find service that helps staffing firms in the tourism industry in Greece, with experienced executives from the travel market as well as newbies, from educational institutions – organizations majoring in the tourism industry such as: hotel staff, F&B (barmen, cooks, waiters, baristas, etc.), marketing, management, aviation, shipping, mass tourism, etc.

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Role-based UI

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Location-based Job Search

Search for job listings based on their location helps set up your criteria. Any available job is pinned on the map.

Category-based & Job-Type Search

Each job category is tagged by a job-type indicator (e.g. full time, part time, freelance, etc.) that catches the eye and instantly groups your interests. Find easily same-category jobs by clicking on a listing’s job category tag (e.g. manager, F&B, sales).


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  • Female 61.09% 61.09%
  • Male 38.91% 38.91%
  • New visitors 59.36% 59.36%
  • Returning visitors 40.64% 40.64%
  • 25-34 49.55% 49.55%
  • 35-44 22.01% 22.01%
  • 18-24 11.26% 11.26%
  • 45-54 9.28% 9.28%
  • 55-64 4.49% 4.49%
  • 65+ 3.42% 3.42%


  • Direct 34.47% 34.47%
  • Social 32.46% 32.46%
  • Organic 17% 17%
  • Email 12.53% 12.53%
  • Paid search 2.02% 2.02%
  • Referral 1.31% 1.31%

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