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gtp eBook


gtp eBook

Fully Indexed…

gtp eBook


gtp eBook

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Goes wherever you go!

In mid-2020, the market made a global shift towards remote working and we decided to follow. That is when the gtp eBook idea was born: a fully digital, interactive media, in the form of the well-known print publication, which would be available online to help travel professionals reach out to the industry.

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Major features include:

Interactive Portable Document Format

Interactive means that all content has the ability to “jump” to a referenced page, link to the web, send email, or even operate telephone calls responding to the reader’s actions.

Portable Document Format (pdf) means the content is accessible from every digital device without exceptions (computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs… the works!) and without affecting its layout. It’s the same look and feel for everyone, everywhere!

Fully-indexed and text-searchable

Every travel company published in the eBook is indexed by location and by name and appears in both indexes accordingly. Furthermore, the eBook provides a text search feature, so if the reader types anything that is included in the publication, it will appear on the spot!

Available online

You will only need a web browser and an internet connection to open and access data for all travel companies in Greece. The gtp eBook will always be available online providing unparalleled ease of access.

Updated weekly, daily, hourly!

There are no deadlines in updating our professional travel business directory with new or updated content. Every day is a good day to stay up to date with fresh and accurate data. So every time you access the gtp eBook, you are sure you will always find the latest updates.


Eco friendly

No paper, no toxic inks used! We are minimizing our product’s environmental print to follow the need for a cleaner planet.

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